Alpha release 0.40

Posted: 31st December 2011 by admin in News

I’m happy to announce that first public alpha version is now available for download.
You can grab it here.

It does not require installation. You just have to unpack the zip file to a directory with write permission.

How to use it?
– Run “setup.exe” (a configuration tool)
– Add some games using “green plus button” (currently you have to choose the exe file by yourself)
– Select/create cover (one cover is included as an example) – “browse” button
– Close setup app
– Run AdamaGL.exe

More detailed information on how to use this will be posted tomorrow in the days to follow.

Meanwhile I would like to wish you a…
Happy New Year!

  1. Isaac says:

    Thanks, thanks a lot for all your efforts on this project.

    I will test it later, maybe tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I wish you a Happy New Year to you too. Take care on these celebrations!

    This project will be a blast!

    Best Regards,
    Isaac //

    • Isaac says:

      BTW, I’ve tested it for the first time, some games… It works really good!

      I can see also that you actually free the “GUI” resources, and place a monitor in the background instead. Really, really neat!

      Thank you very much! Anything you need, please, let me know.

      Best Regards, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
      Isaac //

  2. serkan says:

    hye i did looked at it for e minute or so yesterday and the way that you have left it themmable and easy to use is great
    if there is annithing i could do you can tel me

    Greetingss serkan