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New version 0.44

Posted: 7th June 2016 by admin in News

It’s been “a while” 🙂 But, hey, the new version is finally out! 🙂 Download link: 0.44beta Full release notes can be found here.

The next version

Posted: 30th December 2012 by admin in News

The next version is in the works. Unfortunately, I can’t release it yet. I’m working on a lot of new features, right now. Meaning the next update is more likely to be named as “0.50”, rather than 0.43. The bad thing is that, I’m just not able to “close” certain parts of code without finishing […]

New version 0.42

Posted: 7th March 2012 by admin in News

Now comes with an additional alternative theme. Full release notes can be found here. Download link: 0.42beta

New version and Forum

Posted: 29th January 2012 by admin in News

I have three things to announce today: 1) The Forum is now officially open. Feel free to register, comment and make suggestions! 2) There’s a new version available (0.41alpha). All changes are listed here. You can post bug reports here. 3) With another alpha version released, you may wonder “what happens next”? Well, there’s a […]

Alpha release 0.40

Posted: 31st December 2011 by admin in News

I’m happy to announce that first public alpha version is now available for download. You can grab it here. It does not require installation. You just have to unpack the zip file to a directory with write permission. How to use it? – Run “setup.exe” (a configuration tool) – Add some games using “green plus […]

Alpha release coming soon

Posted: 28th December 2011 by admin in News

Alpha version will be released, as promised, by the end of 2011… on December 31st 🙂 Forum is in the works as well.


Posted: 5th November 2011 by admin in News

Due to reasons beyond my control, I’ve been unable to work on this project in the last few months. Fortunately, things are better now. I have much more free time these days and I can focus on my side-projects, including Adama.GL. Here’s a little “update report”: – Config app is in the works – I’ve […]

Introducing Adama.GL

Posted: 8th June 2011 by admin in News
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Adama.GL (formerly known as Adama) is a full screen Game Launcher for Windows, and it is currently under development. The initial beta release is planned to be out soon (meaning in the next couple of weeks). The project is developed by Pawel Rojek.   How does it work? – Adama is similar to X360 NXE […]