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Posted: 8th June 2011 by admin in News
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Adama.GL (formerly known as Adama) is a full screen Game Launcher for Windows, and it is currently under development. The initial beta release is planned to be out soon (meaning in the next couple of weeks). The project is developed by Pawel Rojek.


How does it work?

– Adama is similar to X360 NXE dashboard

– Each game is represented by its 3D Box

– User can easliy pick a game he wants and launch it (Adama.GL shuts down to free memory and CPU, and re-launches when user exits the game)

– Can be controlled by Gamepad, Keyboard or mouse

– Supports Full HD 1080p, 720p and other screen resolutions

– Works under Windows 7, Vista and XP


The story behind Adama.GL

I have a dedicated PC for playing Windows games, which is connected to the TV (just like X360 and PS3).  Launching games from Start Menu or Desktop just didn’t felt right and was killing the whole experience. And this is how Adama was born.


Things that need to be done:

– Configuration Tool

– 3D game box Editor

– 3D game cover Database

– Bug fixes and improvements

– Heavy testing


Video preview:

  1. Isaac says:

    Your program looks excellent! Looking forward for the beta release!

    Cheers! And thanks!
    Isaac //

  2. Dan says:

    This project looks wonderful! The GUI looks really nice, very “XBox”ish.

    I’m waiting for the release! 😀

    Best Regards,

  3. Maciek says:

    Czekam i życzę powodzenia!

  4. noffe says:

    Very good project
    but can you display a game timeout on a corner of the game, in case of fixed time to play?

    • admin says:


      I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. What do you mean by “game timeout on a corner of the game”? Like in the right-top corner of the screen, “over” the game you’re currently playing, counting down to zero ?

  5. Paramvir says:

    Only one word to say, Awesome.
    This interface is what i was looking for so long. I was planning to migrate from PS3 to PC gaming but the only thing holding me back was the convinent interface of PS3 to play games. I had connected my PC to an 50″ HD TV. It was a real pain to use keyboard to navigate through all the icons and menus to start/exit a game.
    This interface has made everything controlled by game pad. And the games library UI is totally cool. What more can i expect? Nothing. This is just amazing.
    Many thanks to you for creating such a wonderful and convinent software to make my life easy and helping me in making my switch.
    I am a gamer who only plays with gamepad and no keyboard/mouse gaming.

    thanks once gain for this software. I am using the 0.42b version and it seems to be working flawless with no problems at all. If i find one, i will let you know.

    thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks ………… and finally thanks again.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your support. But please keep in mind that Adama.GL is still under development. Current version (0.42) is still far from the final 1.0.

  6. fraz says:

    I would use Adama.GL on a PC with no internet connection, but get an error: Socket Error # 11001 Host not found.
    Adama.GL I really like, I wish I could use without this error.
    Thank You