New version and Forum

Posted: 29th January 2012 by admin in News

I have three things to announce today:

1) The Forum is now officially open. Feel free to register, comment and make suggestions!

2) There’s a new version available (0.41alpha). All changes are listed here. You can post bug reports here.

3) With another alpha version released, you may wonder “what happens next”? Well, there’s a lot of things that still have to be done. Development plans for the next release are posted here.

PS. You can expect the next version to be released in February on march 4th 7th.

Sorry for the delay.

  1. Dan says:

    Hello friend, I am having problems setting up my Xbox 360 controller USB, could you help me? In GL, you can not configure it … Thanks

  2. andra says:

    Hello Dude.. you have great program here, I already download it, and have problem in speed of selecting game with xbox360 controler….

    Thanks, sorry for my bad english

    • admin says:

      What exactly do you mean by “speed of selecting game”? Have you tried the latest version? There’s the “Menu Cover Speed” setting under “Advanced” tab (Config app). The higher the value the slower the box animation is.

      PS. Why no one uses the forum and everybody posts here 🙂 ? I know this an early “underground” beta, but still…