Posted: 5th November 2011 by admin in News

Due to reasons beyond my control, I’ve been unable to work on this project in the last few months. Fortunately, things are better now. I have much more free time these days and I can focus on my side-projects, including Adama.GL.

Here’s a little “update report”:
– Config app is in the works
– I’ve been able to compile Adama.GL to x64 binary
– There are some new issues with Steam, that need to resolved

That’s all for now 🙂

  1. Isaac says:

    Man! I have been visiting this site for months, hoping for some update!
    I truly believed the project, sadly, was dead!

    But no! You were just running out of time!
    We will be waiting for your updates!

    Best Regards, and thank you for your efforts,
    Isaac //

  2. serkan says:

    its a verry nice project glad its not dead but verry alive
    i don’t no if you work single or need help with something but if so i want to help with what i can

  3. serkan says:

    when can we test a alpha version of your launcher